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Sample Making Art and Science Packaging

Science of Packagineering -Packaging science

Science of Packagineering Who is a Packagineer and why you should work with one  A Packagineer is a skilled and creative packaging engineer that’s a generic problem-solver, able to decrease unnecessary materials, execute packaging prototypes, introduce new technologies and save money in your brand’s products and sharing channels.   What does a Science of Packagineering do? ARead More

The Reason Why Everyone Love Eyelash Packaging Box

Eyelash Packaging Box. Innovative Luxury Boxes for Your Eyelashes  Eyelashes are one of the greatest favorite eye cosmetic things among females. Females love to improve the beauty of their eyes by applying artificial eyelashes. Eyelashes are sold in the market in excellent and eye-catchy boxes to gain consumer’s consideration. A different purpose for marketing themRead More

Valentine’s Day heart shaped gift box | empty valentine gift boxes

Bell Printers recognizes that you want your Valentine’s Day heart shaped gift box to be ideal for drawing in as many customers as possible and making their day unforgettable. We work with our clients to help them accomplish perfection. Our skilled New Product Development team (NPD) of specialists is constantly trying to find brand-new techniquesRead More

What dentists need to know about dental boxes

In Bell Printers, clear aligner product packaging is significantly popular. We frequently obtain telephone calls and emails from the dental professionals and employees to showcase branded packaging for their clear aligners developed in-office. We laid out to develop an unpacking experience instead of just a box to existing aligners. Our Dental Aligner Boxes were madeRead More

what does excellent customer service mean to you

Fantastic Virtual customer Relationships building a great relationship is often the key to building a great business. At Bell, we enable this by extensive investment in training our team, building our process, and using new technologies. In today’s post-Covid world, don’t restrict your communication only to email. Talk to us about your needs by anyRead More

Join the Green Packaging Revolution | Sustainable Packaging boxes

Growing global awareness for sustainable packaging is one of our focus areas at Bell. we have a separate team with an exclusive department for the future of sustainable packaging. Satisfying the wider global goals of recycling is taken as one of our key responsibilities. for all our international customers who aim at sustainability, we haveRead More

New product development center – The Cube Lab

New product development center – The Cube Lab 500 Types of Rigid box We can help you choose box styles from more than five hundred variants- probably the largest collection of rigid boxes in the world. If you can help us imagine it, then we can create it for you. We welcome you to watchRead More

Custom Chocolate box Manufacturer | Luxury chocolate box

Custom Chocolate box Manufacturer Do you own a chocolate business? Are you looking for a reliable and experienced chocolate box manufacturer?. We offer top-quality chocolate packaging and custom chocolate boxes that will help your business stand out from the competition. Contact us today to learn more about our services! It’s no secret that chocolate isRead More

5 Reasons Why Every Company Should Invest In Custom Packaging boxes 

What is the best way to create custom packaging for your company?                                 Customers’ first impression of a product is formed by its packaging. if the packaging appeals to them, it will positively impact them. packaging is more than just aRead More

why Customers Choose Manufacturers of Rigid Boxes in India

Rigid Boxes in India are a relatively late entrant to the global scene in mass manufacturing of packaging. Compared to Rigid boxes made in China, it is quite likely that Rigid boxes made in India are either equivalent quality or perhaps much better simply because India is fairly new to this industry. So the technologyRead More