Keys of Progress

Bell Printers Designed Boxes with Higher Purpose

As a child, how many times have we rushed to our rooms to find an all-boxed-up birthday present on our bed? With all excitement, we would tear up and destroy the cover as fast as we could because we could not wait to see what mom and dad got us that year. How many jittersRead More

Good Paper board Folding for World-class Quality

Stresses of all kinds are the determining factors of the quality of paper boards used in packaging. While this may be difficult to measure, test and improve- it is not impossible. Bell Printers has signed MoU with a local Printing Educational Institution called AGP, where, in addition to our extensive testing equipment, we are permittedRead More

NAEP Gold Award- National Award for Excellence in Printing 2016

NAEP- National Awards for Printing Excellence

For many years now, we have participated in many Regional and National Awards for Printing Excellence (NAEP). However, this year has been extra special- we received information of our winning the Gold, on New Year’s eve! A truly red-carpet welcome to the great New Year that 2017 promises to be for Bell! The awards ceremonyRead More

Rapid Iteration – The right route to success

Quick Iteration, or in the terms of product development – Rapid Evolution. This is our strategy to success. All our teams at Bell are encouraged to Fail. Not just to fail, but to Fail Fast Fail Often Fail Forward We believe this long route is actually the shortest route to success. Confusing as it mayRead More

Learning & Leading: Social Leadership

Whenever we receive a request from a school, college (or even a group of competitors from the industry!) to visit our factory, we never say no! At Bell, our doors are always open to people who are passionate to learn, as much as we are passionate about what we do. All our life is aRead More

Business Model Canvas- BMC at Bell

In today’s rapidly changing world of technology, businesses have to evolve ultra-fast to keep up. Traditional business models of the past often do not apply anymore to the trends of the day. Many of the world’s most successful businesses follow quite similar frameworks, which are designed for continued stability. At Bell Printers, we follow aRead More

Work Friendships – Holacracy at Bell

We spend more time in our lives with co-workers than with our own family and friends. Realising this, we proactively encourage friendships and bonds of relationships forged and built within our own office. There have been numerous beautiful friendships built, and even love marriages arranged, right from within our staff. Not just to share happiness,Read More

Catalysts for Actions- Team sports at Bell

Whenever the music starts to play, so does every heart at Bell. Of the most beautiful memories in working as a team in Bell, the number of meaningful experiences we create for our staff and employees- connecting us all as a family. Forging ever stronger bonds everyday, every person in our team adds so muchRead More

Customer Focus- and how to retain it

People do business with people they like. Very often, for people in any business, the focus turns towards day to day activities like production, sales and quality control. While all this is important, the ‘relationship’ factor with customers becomes all the more essential. Just a warm hello, or a caring note does more for aRead More

24 Kt Gold Logos

Luxury Packaging is a niche segment with requirements that defy categorisation. We have been asked to rise to challenges that require us to cater to the unique packaging experiences for sheiks of Dubai who own Rolls Royce showrooms, and for packaging secret prototypes for “VVIP guests” of the Government of India. We’ve had Japanese customersRead More