Keys of Progress

24 Kt Gold Logos

Luxury Packaging is a niche segment with requirements that defy categorisation. We have been asked to rise to challenges that require us to cater to the unique packaging experiences for sheiks of Dubai who own Rolls Royce showrooms, and for packaging secret prototypes for “VVIP guests” of the Government of India. We’ve had Japanese customersRead More

Packaging on the rise of Christmas

Across the world, Christmas has been hailed as the Season of Giving. Commercial and materialistic as this may have transformed the real message of Christmas, it is still a major engine of change for the world economy. When the gifts that are given are physical and tangible, it becomes inevitable to pack them in someRead More

Secrets of Luxury Packaging

In the white noise of supermarket shelves, a thousand brands compete for customer attention. The objective of every design, every packaging is to help sell the product. But quite often, the subtle signs of a great product is cluttered in the excessive information that is presented in the package. Those who work with Luxury Packaging,Read More

The History of Touch Technology

“Touch Technology” as we define it today seems to disconnect itself from the history of type. However, it is vital to recognise the crucial role that the humble (and now-obsolete) typewriter played in the evolution of today’s touch input technologies. For the first time in mankind, since physically inscribing on rock or parchment, a machineRead More

Rigid Box Vs. Folding cartons!

One of the common questions our customers have is “What is the difference between Rigid Box and Folding Carton?” In terms of manufacturing, there is an ocean of difference between them, but some of the processes are similar and hence may overlap. In terms of the cost, Rigid Boxes are the more expensive option betweenRead More

The Dead Era of Books

The Great age of Books has now come to pass, thanks to the Digital Revolution. The Century of Enlightenment, the 18th Century was the grand era of mammoth libraries, like the Göttweig Abbey library in Austria, which housed thousands of these “hard-copy” plug-in memory devices that “stored and transmitted” textual and graphic information from anRead More

NAEP National Awards for Printing Excellence

2015 has been a momentous year at Bell Printers, with multiple feathers in our cap. We are proud to announce that Bell Printers and Chellsons Packaging have won 4 National Awards for Printing Excellence, at the NAEP 2015 show at the Leela Palace, Chennai. Amidst a world of competition, we are honoured that the categoryRead More

Printweek Printing Company of the Year (SME)

We’re excited to be shortlisted amongst the Top Printing companies in the country for the prestigious PrintWeek 2015 Awards! At a time when the printing industry is reeling under the turbulence of the new digital economy, we are honoured that the renewing of our systems, processes and people has resulted in great progress. Congratulations toRead More

Marou – Fabulous Chocolate Packaging

At Bell, we take inspiration from world-class chocolatiers, and their ideas of innovative design and packaging for our discerning customers. Amidst a world of cheap and un-innovative packaging, we take pride in setting very high standards for our customers- the new Entrepreneurs of India. Please take a few minutes to watch the video of MarouRead More

Outdoor Garden meetings

We are a hybrid team that thrives on change. While we aim at professionalism in all that we say and do, we are equally excited about breaking every status quo. Our corporate style “boardroom discussions” have now moved out to the garden, where our team discusses daily projects in the midst of birdsong and flowingRead More