Secrets of Luxury Packaging

In the white noise of supermarket shelves, a thousand brands compete for customer attention. The objective of every design, every packaging is to help sell the product. But quite often, the subtle signs of a great product is cluttered in the excessive information that is presented in the package. Those who work with Luxury Packaging, know its many decluttering nuances – and today, premium brands like Apple have brought this luxury packaging secret to the masses.

There are many untold secrets that lie buried in the pristine ocean that is Luxury Packaging. Amongst them is the art of creating the “Unveiling Experience“. At Bell, we help you create a multi-layered Russian matryoshka doll-styled packaging experience for your discerning customers. This planning of the veiling and unveiling experience is what makes an extraordinary luxury packaging. After all, as the well known lyrics goes, who doesn’t love “brown paper packages tied up with strings… these are a few of my favourite things”

Quite often, the wow arises from the curious why. Why is there this red dot? What happens if I pull this tab? Why does this tag stick out of the package? It lies in the designer to create this element of curiosity, which is intended to be interacted with. The magic should then gradually unfold, like an automaton running by itself, or a music box gently playing a soothing melody. Creating this magic should be the aim of all luxury packaging designers.