Packaging on the rise of Christmas

Across the world, Christmas has been hailed as the Season of Giving. Commercial and materialistic as this may have transformed the real message of Christmas, it is still a major engine of change for the world economy. When the gifts that are given are physical and tangible, it becomes inevitable to pack them in some form of paper or board that is attractive, creative and functional. Manufacturers, malls and retailers have taken the pain out of gift-wrapping by doing it themselves for the customers, and charging a premium for the materials used! However, for the vast majority of Christmas shoppers, it gives them a great opportunity at trying packaging hands-on at home. With Pinterest’s millions of ideas for the holiday season and its meteoric rise in page views , it is clear that everyone seeks to replicate simple innovations even at home, for making that moment of giving extra special for their loved ones.

As a packaging manufacturer, the internet is a boon for us to mass produce creative ideas for millions. This allows us to contribute to the economy immensely in ways like never before. Even gifts for prisoners, which we have contributed in the last few years, require creative packaging solutions. And the awe and wonder it creates in the receiver, is immeasurable. Truly something that money can’t buy. At Bell, we feel blessed to produce millions of “gift” packages for customers for this special holiday season.