The Dead Era of Books

The Great age of Books has now come to pass, thanks to the Digital Revolution. The Century of Enlightenment, the 18th Century was the grand era of mammoth libraries, like the Göttweig Abbey library in Austria, which housed thousands of these “hard-copy” plug-in memory devices that “stored and transmitted” textual and graphic information from an author to a reader. Today’s touch generation however, interacts with information in a completely disruptive way. This young generation is now hardly ever seen in these huge cathedrals of learning, which have become time capsules holding relics of a by-gone era. Printing Presses which printed and specialised only in these hard-back books, are equally fading with this trend of dying industries. The Guardian says in the next 25 years, all books as we know it, will be history. And so will the profession of a “writer”.

The Paper-Mill & Printing Press vs. The Hard Drive will be an interesting debate in the next decade. Fortunately for us, as a Packaging Printer we have chosen the right route for a printing press. We are clearly seeing a sharp decline in upto 65% of our books production, and their enquiries along with it. However, our materialistic society, with increased consumerism is keeping packaging as a booming industry for the future.