Keys of Progress

India’s first VARIMATRIX Automatic Die-Cutter

India’s first Varimatrix 105 CS die-cutter, arrives at Bell Printers, Sivakasi Based in the bustling town of Sivakasi, Bell Printers has taken several steps to upgrade their press and postpress facilities to match international standards of infrastructure and quality. The company is the first one in India to have installed the Heidelberg Varimatrix 105 CSRead More

Bell’s Corporate Social Responsibility

At Bell Printers, we are committed towards the well-being of the local people of Sivakasi. In various initiatives, we make it a routine activity to ask for the needs of the neighbourhood children’s homes (CMS Boarding Home for Girls, Satchiyapuram) and provide them with what we can. Last year, on their request, we provided bedding,Read More

PrintWeek Award 2017 Luxury Packaging Printer Finalist

It has been a fabulous journey- our transformation from a commercial printer to a packaging printer to finally maturing as a Luxury Packaging specialist. Bell Printers has been immensely blessed to be in the forefront as a key contributor to the Indian Packaging scene. With amazing Innovations in Packaging day after day, we have haveRead More

Building the Factory of the Future

Law of the Farm for Factory of the Future

The art of Innovative Boxes and Premium Packaging

Innovative Boxes and Premium Packaging are central to any selling strategy. Manufacturing and Mass Production in this day and age is easy. In the touch of a button a million pieces can be replicated and cloned with almost-absolute perfection. But selling these fast flowing rivers of conspicuous consumption, is the challenge. Decisions are made oftenRead More

Tips for making your Luxury rigid boxes as eye-catching as possible

Choose high-quality materials If you want your luxury rigid boxes to truly stand out, then you need to use high-quality materials, renowned for their excellent characteristics. Thick paperboard or solid wood will give your boxes a luxurious look and feel. But don’t forget about the details! Make sure that all of the hard components, suchRead More

Rigid box manufacturer in Sivakasi

Choose the best Rigid Box manufacturer Sivakasi

Rigid Box manufacturing is neither a complicated art nor rocket science. Having been in the packaging space for over four decades, Bell Printers is one of Sivakasi’s oldest and most established Rigid Box manufacturer in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India. When the going gets tough for commercial printing across the world and especially in a printingRead More

Top 10 Packaging Companies in India

Top 10 lists are always a great concise list of every achievement. Every year, the prestigious PrintWeek magazine chooses India’s best of packaging companies for their awards. The All India Federation of Master Printers  AIFMP also conducts annual Printer of the Year award for the printing industry and highlights special printers and those of high repute.Read More

Custom Packaging Boxes | custom boxes with logo

 custom packaging boxes is an incredible and cost-efficient approach to generate curiosity for your clients as well as to have a retention effect on your image that prompts expanded word social sharing, brand dependability, and income.  Custom Packaging boxes  is far ahead of printed cardboard or other material for your item. It’s a declaration forRead More

Eco friendly packaging boxes | sustainable packaging boxes

Eco-friendly packaging boxes Eco-friendly packaging must be a priority for both brands and consumers. The awareness is now growing and has become central to many brands. The discarding of packaging and inefficient utilization is a huge worldwide problem in the packaging business… and one which your business most likely doesn’t have any desire to addRead More