Join the Green Packaging Revolution | Sustainable Packaging boxes

Growing global awareness for sustainable packaging is one of our focus areas at Bell. we have a separate team with an exclusive department for the future of sustainable packaging. Satisfying the wider global goals of recycling is taken as one of our key responsibilities. for all our international customers who aim at sustainability, we have won numerous awards that boost brand aesthetics and swing their sales towards a growing trend towards sustainable packaging

As the green packaging market is reported to grow at 8% we take a look at the facts every eco-conscious business needs to know

Fully Recyclable choose packaging that is made of materials that can be reused  again after usage

Compostable packaging materials actually return nutrients back to the earth after breaking down

FSC Quality FSC Certificate paper can also be used which means the wood pulp is sourced  responsibly

Biodegradable has the ability to break down & decompose into natural elements within a year or less.

Sustainability & Materials 

73% of brands senior decision-makers see sustainability  as an opportunity for their brands, 51% have created packaging with sustainable features in the past 12 months, 66% of consumers have avoided a particular product of brand for environmental reasons