Good Paper board Folding for World-class Quality

Stresses of all kinds are the determining factors of the quality of paper boards used in packaging. While this may be difficult to measure, test and improve- it is not impossible. Bell Printers has signed MoU with a local Printing Educational Institution called AGP, where, in addition to our extensive testing equipment, we are permitted to use their labs and excellent devices for measurement and testing. We also hire some of their best students for our stringent Quality Control and Testing (with extensive training). This forms a tight loop of exceeding every customer’s expectations with unmatched printing and packaging excellence.

Amongst the many devices for testing the quality of paper boards, are bending testers which check the suitability of boards for folding cartons or rigid folding boxes. Understanding these fundamental differences are the keys to creating world-class packaging. At Bell, we are always in a never ending quest to dig deeper to find the truth in the concealed scientific details. When we discover these hidden numbers, we take extra effort to measure, monitor and maintain these high standards. Since most of the conversion processes of paper boards in packaging are mechanical processes- such as creasing, die cutting, foil stamping… the estimation of the endurance of our raw materials to different stresses plays a key role in determining the life of the packaging.