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Who would have imagined there are an umpteen creative ways to package honey! Your special honey containers deserve special boxes for presentation! Since our rigid boxes can withstand high temperatures and weather conditions, it makes them extra durable. The boxes that we use are made with high quality recycled materials and provide for total protection of the honey and its bottles inside. Each of our Honey packaging boxes are made to customer specifications and requirements. These honey packaging boxes have a great finish that makes them perfectly suitable for both marketing and storing your products. We also serve as a supplier of many other food products like premium chocolates cookies and confectionaries. Our honey packaging boxes are made with precision, accuracy and care to leave a flawless impression on your customers.

At Bell Printers, we engineer every box to fit your needs perfectly. These boxes also keeps fragile bottles and jars safe from external damage, breakage and keep the honey packed bottles upright. You can add your exclusive designs and customized printing on them for uniqueness from other brands and for customer engagement. Effectively promote your brand by getting your boxes designed from us and highlight product features for better brand recall. When these boxes are designed and printed by us, they become a mini billboard advertisement for your brand. The design and color scheme of the box will be based on your choice of logo or text which will be printed on it along with other attractive features like handles with cut outs for easy handling of heavy jars or bottles.

Delivering World-Class Honey Packaging boxes from India

With our extensive knowledge of the honey industry and its needs, we can customize our boxes to fit your brand, whether you sell online or through retail outlets. The Hexagon Box has always been one of our specialties at mass production of Honey Packaging. When we first started making boxes we tried many polygonal shapes of which the hexagon was the most common polygon next to the cube as it fits beautifully for Honey packaging. It has become very popular with many small producers in Europe and elsewhere, who use it for their packaging needs.

Honey Packaging boxes
A premium honey box made from lucite engraving

Increase your sales and revenue!

Love and Passion... The two powers that drives all of us at Bell.

Our passion for making great packaging can be very obvious. Our honey packaging boxes are made from the best quality materials to ensure that they are durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Our Honey packaging boxes are also user-friendly and have all the necessary features you would expect as a customer. The boxes have a wide variety of designs that make it easier for you to choose the best one. You can also customize these boxes with your brand name, logo, or other information to add value to your product.

Custom-designed honey packaging boxes help in branding your company’s name effectively in the market as they attract customers towards them and make them buy more products from you. The custom-designed honey boxes help in increasing sales of your products by giving them an attractive look on the shelf; hence increasing their sales potential. Our Honey boxes are available in different sizes and colors so that they can suit any type of packaging requirement and promote your brand image effectively in the market.

Honey gift Box

Luxury packing boxes are widely sought after as a standard of quality in every business. Bell Printers has made quality boxes delivered directly to your doorstep a highlight of its services. We provide guidance in a manner specific to the requirements of your business. Although the steps involved in creating quality items seem simple, each one must be carefully scrutinised to reach excellence. To create a Luxury box that looks stunning, every process—from scanning to assembly, printing, and lamination—must be perfect. We provide a wide range of Luxury Packaging boxes for almost any product you can think of.


We provide our customers pricing that are reasonable. If you tell us how much you're ready to spend on packaging, we may adjust criteria to fit different budgets. Premium items occasionally demand exquisite raw materials, which are pricey. When our production unit starts mass production, the requirements of our customers are taken into account. Even though we have affordable prices, we never skimp on quality. Our high-quality rigid boxes are precisely and meticulously constructed to last. They are stiff for a reason, and using recycled materials to make them unlocks the sustainability code for your business, which is essential to its long-term success..

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Our Packaging Design Studio

Highly honed skills and talent pool

Our team is highly skilled and proficient in processing various kinds of honey packaging boxes with great precision and accuracy. We ensure that every product is packed properly so as to provide maximum protection against moisture, dust and other contaminants.

Stylish exterior and rigid interior

To make sure your unique products are delivered to your consumers in good condition,
we offer high quality premium materials and protective inserts

More than 1500 businesses trust us worldwide!

We have helped support thousands of businesses
worldwide to achieve great packaging through our specialized custom packaging boxes
We do our best to help our clients go above and beyond and exceed expectations that ultimately impress their customers!

The packaging of luxury products is professionally crafted

Remember, luxury is in the details. Luxury is timeless.

A brand's unboxing experience is highlighted by its product, but its box must also be expertly crafted to convey the quality of its product. Using rigid boxes with custom printing, our pack engineers precisely measure, cut, and size your premium products to ensure that they are protected and enjoyed.

Do you want your brand to be unique? Our packaging specialists will advise you on the best alternative for your box to stand out from the competitors. We can make it, whether it's a hard magnetic gift box or a setup box with window patching.

How do you choose the correct rigid box manufacturer?

You'll understand it's a decision that's not hard to make!

There maybe many manufacturers for packaging but few specialize. It is hard to find a rigid box manufacturer for honey packaging boxes. Specialized boxes that meet your requirements of quality, cost, and delivery time are rare. If you want to buy honey packaging boxes from a cheap and low-quality company, you are guaranteed to have problems getting a good supply chain system with a good quality control. Consistency will always be a nightmare. You may need to pay more money and wait a longer time than expected. On the contrary, if you buy honey packaging boxes from an experienced box maker like Bell, it be an easy choice because you will get what you pay for. And probably more.

If you want to buy honey packaging boxes from an ordinary company that too has many customers at the same time, it is also not recommended because this kind of company will have many customer service problems such as poor communication or slow response time when dealing with customers' orders. One thing that you should keep in mind when choosing a manufacturer is their reputation among other businesses that use their services regularly. If they have good reviews or testimonials online, then they probably have done a good job making sure that their products not just look great, but that they offer good services when you need them.

A great team to work with

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Multiple sheet-fed Printing machines gives us the flexibility to offer the most cost effective and efficient printing solutions to meet all our customer needs. We also have an excellent quality control system that ensures that you get only the best products from us. We ensure that we meet all your requirements by providing top quality packaging solutions that you can use in your business without any errors.

We are a team of experienced packaging engineers with over 40 years of experience in the field. Our expertise ranges from simple monocartons to complex rigid boxes that win many national and international awards. We have an extensive range of sample honey packaging boxes which we have made for customers to meet your needs. Our team is committed to providing our customers with the best, most affordable packaging solutions.

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Shipping worldwide from India’s Printing hub, Sivakasi.

Our Luxury Packaging and Packaging Innovation departments are rather selective in the projects that we undertake. If your packaging project is just another carton box project, or if it does not inspire or challenge our team, we suggest you Google search for another printer!

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