Terms & Conditions

Bell Group Code of Conduct:

As a family business of more than seven decades of service in South India, all our companies, hospitals, schools, colleges and charitable organizations of the Bell Group follow policies of fair trade. With strict business ethics and a moral code of conduct guided by Christian values, we have built this business on firm rock. It has withstood decades of external trials and disruptions which had humble beginnings as a small print shop in rural India. At Bell Printers, we stay true to our roots and guiding principles, and ensure that service is first in our company. We have endeavoured to follow the laws of the land with accuracy of legal compliance and to be servant leaders in this niche packaging landscape.

1. Manufacturing Processes:

Generations of packaging experience built by the company has led to a powerful culture of innovation led by a hive mind of incredibly busy bees of young men and women creating enterprising solutions in Packaging that are leading the world instead of copying from China or stealing concepts from the West. This has led to a vast number of our processes being proprietary with customized machinery manufactured in house or overseas with special technical expertise. We work extensively to ensure consistency in all our luxury packaging. However, there are often times when innovation can go wrong, and we may need to rework or modify packaging structures. We take it as a part of our everyday process and spend a vast amount of our resources on getting better everyday. We ensure our customers do not bear the brunt of the financial burden that involves making a better product everyday. However, if your product is unique and innovative, we seek your kind cooperation in allowing us leeway in terms of time extensions to solve new problems. We strive to always make sure we never repeat the same mistakes twice. Like opulent luxury cars with handmade perfection, we take care in each of our Luxury Boxes that we feel proud to make. We welcome more and more customers from around the world to bring your requests to us.

2. Right of Admission to serve reserved:

Unfortunately, every Tom, Dick and Harry wants a piece of the luxury packaging 'cake'. In India, a land of extremes, the professional rules of ethics are always seen to be optional. There are thousands of small printers, traders and even our own ex-employees who use our original products for their digital marketing, and pretend to come to us as customers when they fail in their attempt to do what we excel at. For this purpose, we reserve the right to choose our "customers", many of whom are thieves pretending to be customers with genuine needs. We do not entertain customers who have suspiscious sources of income, request under invoiced billing, requesting no tax to be included in final delivery, offer unsubstantiated cash payments, requesting duplication of an existing brand that is not theirs. In addition to this, we do not print certificates, cheque books, bank-related stationery, any items of religious nature (no Gods or Goddesses), items of political inclination, officially banned books or literature, duplicate trademarked products, pornography or items we consider to be inciting any group or denomination of people. We strictly adhere to this policy, and it is non-negotiable.

3. Cancellations, Returns and Refunds:

We thank you for your trust in Bell, and eventual decision to purchase our products. We sincerely hope you are happy with your purchase. Generally orders cannot be cancelled once they are placed. Our ERP systems are connected with suppliers who immediately ship raw materials when orders are confirmed. In rare cases, we can offer a partial refund if the material you have chosen for your boxes is a fast moving item. However, as each box made in our factory is custom produced, refunds if any, will need to be authorised by the QA Manager and approved by our directors. Based on the complexity of the boxes, refunds or return of advances can be requested only for manufacturing defects, within 7 days of receiving the boxes. A maximum of 50% refund is possible if the order is cancelled within 7 days of confirmation and transfer of funds. No cancellations of orders are possible after 7 days. If an advance was transferred for the order, it can be held as credit for the next order and a revised quote can be given after 7 days. It is the sole discretion of Bell Printers (P) Ltd for refunds and will only be considered if you promptly return the Boxes to us immediately from the date of receipt of boxes at your end. We may replace the boxes only if they have sufficient proof that they were defective or damaged on opening at the customer's premises. All returned boxes without any branding on the box must be new, without scratches and in unused condition, with all original exterior packaging cartons and accessories attached. They maybe debranded and sold. Unfortunately, we can not be held responsible for any transit damages, and you will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning the boxes.

The following items cannot be exchanged:

• Custom designed boxes
• Custom printed boxes
• Reprocessed boxes at Customer end
• Used boxes

4. Complaints & Resolutions:

Complaints if any, are managed by our Resolution Center. All complaints must be reported to Bell Printers in writing within 5 business days from the date of receipt of the Boxes at your end. Our QA team and management will investigate on an individual, case by case basis, and respond to the complaint promptly. This may or may not result in a refund or credit depending on the findings of the investigation by the Quality Assurance department.

5. Legal Escalations and Contracts

Many projects in Bell Printers are under international contracts (Non Disclosure Agreements) by Multi National Companies. We strive to ensure that terms of legal contracts are met promptly. After the explosion of the Entrepreneurial Boom in recent years, fuelled by the Instagram Small Business culture where even teenagers operate businesses, there is no clear line between who is defined as a authentic, prolific and legitimate customer. There are many overnight "companies" or "would-be-companies" (with no Tax registrations, no assets or even a physical presence)- These people often pose as Business Owners authoritatively commanding and abusing our staff. The Management reserves the right to disconnect these cases at any time, without question. In case of continued nuisance, often in the form of "we have recorded your calls and will use them against you" - the most common 'threat' that they think is on us- they do so without realizing that it is illegal in India to record without consent and would fall on deaf ears at court. We actively engage in rooting out the weeds in the system trying to steal or weaken our processes. In rare cases, we reserve the right to impose legal escalations on these people.