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World's most innovative tea gift sets box manufacturer

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DM0417 - Need some dose of happiness on a melancholic winter night or a relaxing hot beverage after a morning workout routine? A bit sweet and citrusy for plain enjoyment or strong aromatic to wake up your senses? High tea, afternoon tea or casual tea party? Because there is no one-size-fits-all rule for tea lovers, Bell Printers designed a fascinating premium tea chest box with partitions that will unpack not just one premium tea flavour but four varieties. Help someone define their perfect tea experience through this premium tea gift set box. The box has lid air lock and thick edge features to protect the tea leaves from fluctuating temperature and direct sunlight so that freshness of flavours is assured for every cuppa. Also, the chest box design is well put together to complement any luxurious setting where the classy hands will choose to unveil it.