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DM0415 - Kashmir Saffron from the Himalayas is more expensive than gold, mainly because the harvesting process is so labor-intensive. Saffron is the dried stamen of the crocus plant: Each crocus produces just three stamens, and each of these must be hand-picked and air-dried. For such an exclusive delicacy, packaging of the highest standard was required by our client. However, since the product is almost exclusively for Michelin Star restaurants and sold on exclusive online platforms, safety of the bottles were extremely important. Our team collaborated to develop this beautiful rigid box. From choosing of the paper to have an acceptably authentic history, to the font that will fill all abstractions with deeper meanings. Even the vintage image on the box conjures nostalgic memories of a lost paradise of Kashmir, nestled in the Himalayan mountains. Finished in our proprietary 12-step grooving technology, the packaging is engineered to perfection of box making standards by our highly skilled "packagineers". Almost impossible to duplicate are the super-sharp edges of the box, which create a unique contrasting amalgamation with the texture of the special Rives Basane paper from Arjowiggins. This paper mimicks a rare sheep skin called Basane, which was used in ancient manucripts including many of the oldest Bibles in the world. The font chosen also parellels ancient header scripts of the age, with its imperfect serifs. The planned imperfections in the foil texture were also carefully designed by the customer who is a seasoned creative expert, as a method of adding an additional layer of security for prevention of duplication.

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