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Portable Stationey Set rigid packaging box

About Project

DM0396 - You might have seen the "don't lose your pen" meme and laughed out loud about it or you might be a collector whose heart jumps every time you come close to a bookstore rack full of unique pads of scented paper? Even in the age of smart devices and home automation, stationery set is never out of fashion. It has only gone to a different level to accentuate the digital always-on-the-go lifestyle. After all, even the medical field confirms cognitive benefits of handwriting notes. Thus, here's a perfect box to fit in office diary, leadership journal, sticky notepads, washi tapes, highlighters, gel pens, markers, eraser, laser pointer pen, and the like, because you want to easily reach them during your light bulb moments. Bring it along when you step out of the house in the morning. Leave it in the car as you go to the gym. Put it on your lap when you suddenly remember to put an entry in your diary. Take it with you to an important client meeting. Decluttered yet multifunctional packaging, it's a hybrid model box with raphe design. You can open flap the top to get the books and papers and pull the bottom drawer to get the pens or vice versa. It's easy to carry where ever you go because of it's handbag style and a sturdy support because of its rigid box body. The black colour suits your collected style and versatile personality while the gold inside oozes luxury. Call it your kit to success. The moment you decide to put your best foot forward, make this stationery packaging a part of your organising goals so that you "don't lose your pen" along the way.