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Luxury Advent Chocolate box for Christmas | Chocolate Advent Calendar Gift Box Advent chocolate boxes are a type of packaging that is commonly used for Advent calendars. Advent calendars are a special type of calendar that is used to count down the days until Christmas. Luxury advent chocolate boxes are the perfect way to countdown to Christmas. These boxes are filled with delicious chocolates that will make the wait for Christmas Day even sweeter. Luxury advent chocolate boxes are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the perfect box for your family. You can also choose to have your advent chocolate box personalized with your name or a special message. Chocolate Advent calendars are also a popular choice for counting down to Christmas. These calendars are filled with 24 individual chocolates, one for each day of advent. Advent chocolate boxes and Advent calendars are a great way to enjoy some delicious chocolate while you wait for Christmas Day.   Related Tags:  Advent Calendar chocolate box, custom advent calendar chocolate box, luxury chocolate Advent calendar box, advent calendar packaging, advent calendar India online, Christmas apartment advent calendar

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DM0525 - Advent boxes are always fantastic projects we undertake at Bell Printers. While the rest of the world makes just chocolate gift boxes, European traditions for Christmas remains hale and healthy with the demand for innovation with Advent Calendars. As boxes, they require a lot of planning to accommodate multiple perforated slots for chocolates, usually in different sizes and flavours for each day of Advent before Christmas. If you have a similar need for your product, please talk to us, and we can fully customise this to match your requirement. Then we can make samples before confirming for mass production.