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Packaging Innovations are our forte at Bell. Completely transforming the existing packaging landscape, our team at Cube Lab(our Product Development hive) is constantly buzzing with activity. We have made continuous progress in the latest Printing Technologies to ensure we offer the best techniques and processes commercially available. Our proactive people, with their agile tools and techniques excel at visualising, replicating or prototyping your ideas almost instantly. A magical combination of the right equipment, technologies and trained minds from organisations like the IIT, creates the magic of generating wonderful works of packaging art from thin air.

We do not just produce mock-ups and start mass production in haste. A skilled testing team helps make sure that your customers (the end users of your products) would be completely floored by the ease of use, and functionality of all our printed packaging. A testament to this working mechanism is the number of repeat customers who bring more people to our fold by mere word of mouth. We prefer the sustainable growth of a mutual synergy from our growing customer base. Join our elite Packagineering® team today- as a visitor, a student, a customer, a trainee or even a competitor! We welcome every form of social connection that builds mutual bridges of progress.

Case Studies of recent Premium Packaging projects: