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Affordable Luxury packaging innovations now for American customers

Since 1952, the Bell brand has taken giant leaps, expanding from a small family owned business to an aspiring global enterprise. Competing with large Chinese giants in packaging, Bell Printers regularly participates in International Exhibitions, like the National Stationery Show NSS in New York and Luxury Packaging in London and Birmingham. These high profile launches and presentation of our luxury boxes to an elite audience has always drawn aahs and wows. In the process, we have enjoyed this amazing experience of taking great boxes made from a rustic, rural Indian setting to a global stage, for brands that command a global attention. From small businesses to large corporations, Bell is able to cater to the requirements of customers in 39 countries.

In today's global price of luxury goods constantly on the rise, we are able to offer fantastic value for money in luxury packaging because we operate from our head office in Sivakasi, South India. The main factory is located in a part of the world, where the minimum wage is $2.80 a day. With high local unemployment rates and the cost of living being so low, a luxury box making factory has a great opportunity to employ and train hundreds of people willing to skillfully work for a decent living. Our training procedures are unmatched, and our facilities for employee welfare are second to none. We follow the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and have proudly achieved success in many areas.