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Beautiful packaging works wonders in carving an indelible image in the minds of customers. It also surprises the receivers with a flood of warm emotions that evoke love and compassion. It is great for a brand owner to capitalise on these valuable characteristics of packaging in innovative gift boxes to allow people to buy the boxes and send them to their loved ones. It enables them to surprise and impress their dear ones, it always shifts to long term memory as a special marker that remembers the day. The graceful appearance of any good gift box is always a given, because it is crafted for best impression. The innovative style of packaging helps in creating brand identity and identification. A good designer keeps this in mind and places a company logo carefully and strategically to linger longer in the memories of clients. An embossed logo works well in making a brand memorable as it leaves an influential, tactile impact on the customers. They will always recognise the company instantly when they see the logo and become a regular in buying from it, when the opportunity arises.

You can also order rigid gift boxes online from Bell Printers. We are a leading Luxury rigid box manufacturer who connects you to the world of wholesale innovative gift boxes. You can find unique and trendy designs of latest Packaging boxes from our Gallery, updated almost daily. We can manufacture and supply these rigid boxes either as fully completed boxes with lids, or as Flat-Fold boxes that can be assembled beautifully in a couple of seconds. Embellished with premium ribbons or accessories of your choice, they are guaranteed to stun your customers! Made with export quality biodegradable paperboard, all our rigid boxes have exceptional finish and can easily last a lifetime.

Our Innovative Packaging boxes include: