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Incense stick box

Incense Stick Packaging Boxes - India

Start your Incense stick packaging boxes - Gift Boxes with Bell Printers, we are the trusted rigid box manufacturer in india.

Our Incense Stick Packaging Box is not just a container; it's a testament to luxury, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Step into a sensory journey like never before with Bell Printers, where the allure of incense meets the artistry of packaging. As the proud recipient of numerous national and international awards, including the prestigious FESPA International Awards.

At Bell Printers, we believe that the packaging of incense sticks is an art form that deserves meticulous attention. Our award-winning designs, inspired by both tradition and modernity, grace the Incense Stick Packaging Box with a symphony of colors, textures, and cultural motifs. Each box is a masterpiece, setting the stage for the aromatic experience that awaits within.

Our Incense Stick Packaging Box is more than a protective shell; it is a guardian of the delicate fragrances enclosed within. Crafted from the finest materials, such as sturdy cardboard and eco-friendly paperboard, our packaging ensures that every incense stick retains its aromatic purity. The box becomes a cocoon, preserving the essence of your chosen incense blend until the moment of tranquility is unleashed.

Beyond being a mere container, our packaging is a storyteller. Embrace the opportunity to share your brand's narrative, the inspiration behind your scents, and the cultural significance of each blend. The Incense Stick Packaging Boxes becomes a canvas for connection, allowing your customers to engage with the soul of your brand and fostering a deeper appreciation for the ritual of burning incense.

Practicality meets elegance in our Incense Stick Packaging Box. Designed with user experience in mind, our packaging ensures easy access to the incense sticks, secure closure mechanisms, and even thoughtful compartments for accessories like incense holders or matches. It's not just packaging; it's a functional companion on your aromatic journey.

Join us in the pursuit of a greener tomorrow. Our Incense Stick Packaging Box embraces sustainability, incorporating recyclable materials and eco-friendly printing techniques. At Bell Printers, we understand that a commitment to environmental responsibility is not just a choice but a collective responsibility to nurture the planet we all call home.

Size :
Various sizes, according to your unique requirements.
Color :
Almost any colour you can imagine
Material :
C2S Art paper, Ivory board, Kraft paper, almost infinite options of Fancy Specialty paper imported from over 14 countries
Surface disposal :
Glossy/matt lamination, protective varnish, UV coating, Gold/silver hot stamping.
Design :
OEM are available, customized design is welcome.
Logo :
Have your artwork with logo? We're ready to start- either sampling or mass production.
Handle :
Multiple options are available: PP, cotton rope, ribbon, twisted paper handle, die-cut handle, Jute rope are a few
Lamination :
Matt, Glossy, Velvet/Silk, Holographic, Thermal options
Finishing :
UV coating, Embossing & Debossing, Hot Foil stamping, Screen Printing, Laser cutting
Product Purpose :
Shopping, advertising, gift, packaging, promotion and retail store
Packing :
Export double corrugated carton
Sample :
Digital or offset sample proofing is possible. Contact us for sampling charges.
100 Pieces for Rigid Boxes. Monocartons: 5000 boxes. Contact us to know more.
Certification :
ISO 9001:2008
Delivery time :
Based on the complexity of project. We have premium plans for high priority deliveries.
QC :
100% inspection before delivery
Price :
Competitive prices offered
Payment terms :
Paypal, PayTM, T/T, LC