3D Box Development & Design

Imagination in High Definition

Supercharge your Sales with our Packaging Presentations

Visualization for Packaging is always a specialist art, much like watchmaker's craft. At Bell, our team of Packagineers have years of experience in a multitude of 3D software streams that allow us to render high resolution content, and present them first in our own holographic presentation devices. Before we send mock-ups to our customers, we first test them out internally to see if a layperson can differentiate between what's real and what's not. Our specialists have honed their skills so much that quite often it is impossible to say if our work is real or CGI!

We can then share our 3D CGI content with our customers, who can use them for product previews and in special presentations prior to actual product launches. We do not just produce our 3D mock-ups and start mass production in haste. We test the functionality of our boxes, provide layouts in exploded views, and have an entire specialist department called PLE - Product Layout Engineering who organize items inside the box aesthetically, at the same time bearing the safety issues in mind.